What's special about VisualSpec?

Wire-framing isn't new. You've perhaps used Axure, Balsamiq, ...

Comprehensive projects such as line-of-business applications can have 100s of UI functions and wire-framing them all with those tools can take way too long and prove impractical.

But with VisualSpec prototyping is so fast you can actually do it for the whole project. Also it shortens your feedback cycle to minutes instead of days.


First 'user', then 'business'

Traditionally many software projects started from 'business' needs instead of 'user'. That can produce unusable product and waste resources.

With Visual Spec it's now practical to start from the user, and then analyse the business needs around her ways of thinking. So it will maximise the project's chance of success.


User-led Agile sprint planning

By using VisualSpec in Agile projects you can maximise user participation, shorten feedback cycle, and ensure the 'right' product will be built.

It will dramatically enhance your team's efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Also it will bring fun and excitement to sprint planning meetings!


100s of software projects have become
successful with the help of VisualSpec: