8X Faster prototyping

VisualSpec has a unique design and philosophy that effectively makes you 8X more productive. Instead of designing your modules piece by piece, you use smart specialised modules that predict your needs and automate details.

Intuitive Designer IDE

VisualSpec has a very intuitive design tool which enables you to implement each change or addition with literally a single click!

No more will you need to go through long and boring traditional 'property-boxes' to apply your intended changes.

Real-time sharing

VisualSpec is web-based and everything you do will be instantly visible to your clients. It doesn't even need them to press F5 to refresh!

There is no need for a separate publishing process. So you can work across the globe with your users and have their feedback on your ideas instantaneously.

Design for PC, Mobile or Tablet

Simply select the target device for each part of your project wire-frames.

We support PC (wide screen), Laptop (normal size), Tablet (horizontal and vertical) and Mobile.

Collaboration & Feedback

VisualSpec has built-in task management features for enhanced collaboration and feedback process.

Your reviewers can request changes, ask questions or clarify ambiguities very easily around any particular wire-frames element. You can comment around each issue until full resolution.

Contextual Documentation

In VisualSpec you can add non-visual documentation in the form of comments to each and any wire-frame element.

Business rules, validation, custom UI behaviour or integration information can easily be added in the right context, so you end up with a single asset for full specifications.

Sketchy Style

VisualSpec celebrates low fidelity and deliberately uses a hand-drawn sketchy style, because it helps everyone focus on functional requirements, and prevent subjective comments on whether a button is blue or green.

Also this helps graphic designers to then join and their creative magic with no restriction.

Secure cloud hosting

Your design assets will be protected thanks to the secure and industry-standard Microsoft Windows Azure infrastructure.

Everything you design will be strictly confidential and only visible to the people you authorise.

Nothing to install

VisualSpec works from any modern browser.

It's completely based on Html 5 technology and and doesn't need you to install anything on your, or your clients' computers. Access your wire-frames from any computer, tablet or device with ease.

Trial and Commercial accounts

You can try Visual Spec for free for 30 days with a Trial account. You can create one project and get to grips with the application and all it has to offer.

After the trial period is over you can upgrade to a Commercial account and continue to update your project as well as start new projects. Upgrading to Commercial is an annual subscription of £999 per project or you can have unlimited projects for £4,999.

100s of software projects have succeeded with Visual Spec