Do you do Agile?

By using VisualSpec in your Agile delivery process you can minimise development rework. At the same time become more responsive to change.

It will enhance your efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Also it will bring fun and excitement to sprint planning meetings!

You can visualise and share your UX ideas as interactive wire-frames in just a few minutes to get immediate feedback.


Do you do Waterfall?

No one enjoys dealing with a long and perhaps vague spec document.

With VisualSpec you can work from a clear and detailed wire-frames that clearly show the required functionality, as a blueprint of ideas.

This way you can design the project's technical architecture without suffering from any requirements ambiguity.


What's special about VisualSpec?

Wire-framing isn't new. We've seen many before: Axure, Balsamiq, ...

To use wire-frames as a substitute for specifications, they must be 100% complete. A typical database project has hundreds of UI functions and wire-framing them all accurately and interactively using other tools would take weeks and cost a lot. So most teams can't afford this approach.

With VisualSpec you achieve that in hours, making it a perfectly viable approach to requirements specification.


100s of software projects have become
successful with the help of VisualSpec: