Written spec or Wire-frames?

Defining the requirements clearly is vital for project success. But users aren't good at expressing their needs, and they certainly don't enjoy dealing with written long spec documents.

Wire-framing can enable them to understand your ideas, see choices and make up their mind. But can this approach be used holistically for the entire project? Watch this video to learn.


VisualSpec: a new approach to Requirement Workshops

Wire-framing isn't new. You have perhaps used Axure, Balsamiq, ...

They are fast, but not fast enough to be used in real-time. You can't have the users sit there and wait whilst you wire-frame the requirements and decisions. So in practice you couldn't use wire-framing as a single tool for communication, analysis and documentation.

VisualSpec with its magical speed will change the game and empower you with a modern approach to business analysis.


Early feedback for Agile teams

Effective communication and feedback is key for agile teams. By using VisualSpec in your sprint planning meetings you can visualise your solution ideas and instantly share them with the users.

It will enable immediate feedback and so reduce development rework and make you a more efficient team. Also it will boost energy, participation and joy.


100s of software projects have become
successful with the help of VisualSpec: